Mapping service design and policy design

In this post, Andrea Siodmok shares the work done by the UK Policy Lab to map two frameworks which set out the different styles of government intervention when we are faced with a policy problem. 'Having delivered many projects now across different departments [in policy Lab], it is not surprising that we have started to... Continue Reading →

Policy that “lands right first time” may be a noble ambition but it’s a lousy strategy

In this excellent post, Darius Pocha makes a compelling case for a more agile approach to policy making. '...government is often backed into an entrenched position because ministers are advised — or incentivised — to rush to a solution rather than asking a better question. Why? Because it looks more like progress. So we dive for big ideas and... Continue Reading →

Integrating design thinking into the policymaking process

This is an interesting article from Michael Mintrom and Joannah Luetjens. It describes how design thinking can be integrated into the policymaking process to produce powerful insights into citizen actions and their interactions with governments, and improve policymaking processes. 'Rather than having policymakers define and understand the problem from an agency – or government – perspective,... Continue Reading →

The Public Impact Observatory

I recently came across the Centre for Public Impact - a not-for-profit foundation 'dedicated to improving the positive impact of governments'. They have developed a really interesting system for analysing examples of public policy from across the world, assessing them against three fundamental principles: Legitimacy - the underlying support for a policy and the attempts to achieve... Continue Reading →

An insight into Policy Lab

Policy Lab is a huge inspiration for me. In this post Laurence Grinyer provides a great insight into the Lab and into the Policy Design mindset. He also describes some of the Policy Lab ways of working and techniques, which my team and I have borrowed from the Open Policy Making Toolkit and used on policy... Continue Reading →

What is policy?

I am searching for my own answer to this question in my work, and also by going back to school for a short course on Social Policy and Welfare States in the 21st Century. In the meantime, here are four slightly different perspectives: Policy making in the real world by Jill Rutter, Michael Hallsworth and... Continue Reading →

Design and Policy in action

In this 2 minute video, policy makers discuss how user centred design helps them become more connected to the people who are affected by the services they create. They also talk about what the term 'digital' means to them, and how it can sometimes be confusing for people outside digital professionals - something I have heard... Continue Reading →

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