Mapping service design and policy design

In this post, Andrea Siodmok shares the work done by the UK Policy Lab to map two frameworks which set out the different styles of government intervention when we are faced with a policy problem. 'Having delivered many projects now across different departments [in policy Lab], it is not surprising that we have started to... Continue Reading →

Telling the story of practice

I recently attended the excellent Service Design in Government conference in Edinburgh and my experience there reminded me of this post from Simon Terry. Simon exposes something I think we all recognise: that the most compelling stories, the ones that inspire us and cause us to change, are the ones that focus on real, tangible... Continue Reading →

I heart New York!

In New York, Civic Service Design are aiming to make public services more effective and accessible for all New Yorkers. Here they share their NYC Civic Service Design Tools + Tactics, which is a central resource for best practices in service design to support public servants and help spread service design methods across New York City... Continue Reading →

What’s your problem?

The pressure to make things happen in government, to show progress, can sometimes make us want to jump straight into solution mode. But wait! In this post, Melanie Cannon explains the importance of defining a clear focus and getting a shared agreement on the problem(s) you are trying to solve before you get to potential solutions.... Continue Reading →

An insight into Policy Lab

Policy Lab is a huge inspiration for me. In this post Laurence Grinyer provides a great insight into the Lab and into the Policy Design mindset. He also describes some of the Policy Lab ways of working and techniques, which my team and I have borrowed from the Open Policy Making Toolkit and used on policy... Continue Reading →

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